zondag 27 juni 2010

Mixtape Review - Jacki-O as Griselda Blanco - La Madrina

Jacki-O used to be one of my favorite female rappers. Her first CD, Poe Little Rich Girl, blew me away and I still play it frequently. Then she became a mixtape rapper, and yes she released another album (Lil Red Riding Hood, which I will review next) but she started out so promising and I don't feel like she became what I expected.

On this mixtape, Jacki has taken on the role of Miami female drug lord Griselda Blanco. As you can expect, that means raw street spittin'. You can hear this in songs such as Strapped Up and Die Tonight. Die Tonight is probably my favorite, it should have been on the first half of the CD!
But, this mixtape is more than just gangsta music. She also has a few hip-pop/easy-to-listen-to songs, like Come Wit Me (I really like this one!), the thug-love anthem Love My Gangsta and Get Away (it's not original, but hey, what hip-hop song IS nowadays?).
Jacki-O had her breakthrough with a tribute to her pussy, known as Nookie (Real Good) (or the uncensored version, Pussy (Real Good)), so it would be strange if she wouldn't talk about that on this tape.. And yes, she has yet another song about how good her pussy is. It's called Pussy Like Dope, and the hook goes "This pussy like dope, similar to coke, not the kind you drink, but the kind you smoke". It's an addictive song, although the quality of the lyrics won't blow you away, but I don't think anyone would expect that from a song about vagina.
Some songs I like a lot less, are Lord Forgive Me (this has been done a thousand times), Paid Dues and Good Day. Some of these songs are just too easy, we call them 'fillers'.
The last track on the tape, a bonustrack, is called Show U How It Go and it features Gucci Mane. And I gotta say, it could have been a hot song, but Gucci Mane is extremely annoying (yyyyeaaahhh!) and I really can't understand why people still record songs with him. So the tape could have done without this bonustrack, but at least it brings a "big name" to the mixtape.

I wouldn't really recommend this mixtape to be honest, Jacki-O has released better stuff. But if you're interested, look up the mixtape trailer on YouTube and see if it gets you in the mood (it's funny!). And don't forget to check out my review of Lil Red Riding Hood, which, I can predict, will be a lot more positive.

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