zaterdag 26 juni 2010

Album Review: Bomfunk MC's - In Stereo

This album review is very special to me, because in my youth it was my favorite album of all times. And not just because it's easy to listen to, but also because it inspired me and the music touched me. I was just discovering my hip-hop side but at the same time I was too young to appreciate the real RAW stuff, so the Bomfunk MC's were perfect. Their style can best be described as electronic hip-hop music.

The Bomfunk MC's are a two-man group from Finland. They've released three CD's: In Stereo, Reversed Psychology and Burnin' Sneakers. I must admit I never really listened to the other two albums, I felt like they could NEVER compete with In Stereo.
Most of you probably know the song Freestyler, because it was a huge hit. It is still played on music channels regularly. For some reason, people tagged the music as 'dance', but all the songs contained 'rap' and they had titles such as Other Emcee's, B-Boys & Fly Girls, Uprockin' Beats and Freestyler (these are all hip-hop terms!). Well, you can dance to most of the album, so I guess it's understandable.. The album was promoted with videoclips for (in chronological order) Uprocking Beats, B-Boys & Fly Girls and Freestyler. But none of these is my favorite song off the album. My favorite is Sky's The Limit. As a kid I didn't really understand the lyrics to the song, but it sounded emotional to me and I thought it was beautiful. So I recommend you listen to that one first!

There are also the party songs like Rocking, Just To Make Ya Move and In Stereo. And you gotta love 1,2,3,4. Oh what am I saying, every song is hot. When I was younger, I was always shocked by the song Rock, Rocking Tha Spot because you can hear a girl saying 'Fuck me!' LOL. But it's a hot song. Andddd... Spoken Word, which is kinda like the outro.. It starts off so scary, seriously that song gave me the creeps, especially at the part when the phone rings.. But then rapper Raymond 'B.O.Dubb' Ebanks starts freestyling and gives the album a great ending.

All in all, you should not listen to this album if you like quality raps. But if you like hip-hop that's easy to listen to, hip-hop you can play at a party without people rolling their eyes, then this is the shit you need to check out.

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  1. At the time it was released it was one of my favorite albums ever. Now I'd say it's outdated and less then fashionable and it wouldn't work anymore. It's not fast enough, not flashy enough I guess. I like the fact that they can put raps into something less dark and less hostile (which is the reason hip-hop is kind of dead nowadays) and still make it something with debt, although not alot of it. I wish they'd made some more material at this level (you know Burnin' Sneakers? If I remember correctly, it sucks pretty bad). Saidly they didn't make it.

    Still, with some of these tracks, it should always be remembered a classic for rap music and electronic ---. Actually I've played the other CD: Reversed Psychology- once or twice, and just like Burnin' Sneakers, it wasn't really any good. But then again this duo (it was a duo, right?) was good, but a one day fly I guess.