maandag 28 juni 2010

EP Review: Miss Tila - Welcome To The Darkside

This will be a short review, because Welcome To The Darkside is only a short EP (3 tracks). I started listening to Tila Tequila's music about 4 years ago, I think. And from the very start, I realised you should never expect too much from her, because she's a genius at promoting herself, but she's not a genius at the stuff she's actually promoting. Get my point? With that being said, I think Welcome To The Darkside is Tila's best musical release to date. She changed her artist name from Tila Tequila to Miss Tila, and she released several songs under that name already (such as I Fucked The DJ, which is pretty much a horrible song), but I'd really tell her to stick to the classy stuff now that she has this classy name.

Her EP contains two covered songs: Blue Dress (originally by Depeche Mode) and Walking On Thin Ice (originally by Yoko Ono). I must admit, I've never heard the original songs, but I think her versions aren't that bad at all. The song Blue Dress impressed me, actually. I think she has been working on her voice, because her singing used to be a lot more "all over the place".
The song Get Me Off is an original Tila song. Its content is very sexual, yet a lot more tasteful than some other songs she's released (such as I Like To Fuck, I Fucked The DJ and Fuck Ya Man), so I give her major props for that. The music is of much better quality as well.
Walking On Thin Ice isn't my favorite, I think it's a nice song but Tila kinda sounds like a little girl doing karaoke. That is NOT a good look.

Overall, I'd say give it a try, I mean it's only 3 songs so it can't be a huge waste of time, right? It might change your opinion about Miss Tila.

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