donderdag 17 juni 2010


Hello my dear friends,

Welcome to my music blog! I've finally taken the step to start a blog, because I think my knowledge of music should not go to waste, I should share it with the world.
I will review albums, both new and old (because old albums are still new to the people who haven't heard them yet!) and I will recommend music and artists.
As for genres, I have a very broad taste in music - from Tori Amos to Three 6 Mafia and from arabic music to techno. Oh yes, and I love both the piano and the violin very much, which you will soon find out.

For everyone out of non-English speaking countries: please don't let the English blogs scare you away! My musical taste is international, and besides, you do not need to understand the language to understand my recommendations! ;)

Advice on how to improve my blog is always welcome.
But for now... just enjoy it!


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