donderdag 17 juni 2010

Festivals and concerts I will be attending this summer

This blog is first of all a recommendation of some great concerts that are coming up. If you guys like some of the same music I like, you might wanna check these out, or at least check out the music so that my (future) reviews of the concerts will be useful to you in deciding whether you want to see these artists perform live as well.

June 22th: Tegan and Sara, at Deurne (Belgium). These women need their own blog, and I promise I will give them that, but let me just tell you a few things about them already. Tegan and Sara are twins from Canada. They are both lesbians, although they rarely sing about that in their music (in fact, I never heard them mention it at all). They play guitar and sing, and write their own lyrics. Their new CD, Sainthood, is great, I love every song on it. The Con is also a wonderful album, sounds less electronic in my opinion, so check that out as well!
July 17th: Hiphop in DukeTown ('s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands). I think it's the first time this festival will take place, and I'm very excited about it because it reminds me of Boogiedown Breda. Difference is that it doesn't have any American artists, but it does have some outstanding artists like Typhoon & New Cool Collective, The Opposites, NoizBoiz (I'm going to wear my NoizBoiz t-shirt, lol), Hef, Kleine Jay & Cartes, Fresku and Önder & FS Green. To be honest, the NoizBoiz are not good as rappers, but they make nice 'grime' music. And The Opposites are mainly cool because they're successful. What else is there to say? I'm very excited about this festival.
August 15th: Vienna Teng at Würselen (Germany). I've seen Vienna Teng perform twice last year, and both times I loved every second of it. She is an amazing artist, one of my favorites of all times. She plays the piano, sings and writes her own songs. Oh and her real name is Cynthia, just like mine! So I gotta love her ;) Check out her first album Waking Hour, it is beautiful, a true masterpiece. I will probably review that album later, it deserves a place in the spotlights...

I just love my boyfriend. And he must really love me too, since he's going to take me to all of these concerts!

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