woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Artist Recommendation: Santigold

I was gonna write an album review, but I really don't know how to.. Not for this artist anyway. Her name is Santigold (formerly known as Santogold), she's a singer-songwriter and she makes.. yeah, what kinda music does she make? Alternative? Reggae? Hip-hop? R&B? Trip-hop? A bit of everything, and then more. Since her album, named Santogold (you might also find it under 'Santigold' now because of the name change), is great from beginning to end, I pretty much expect her material in the future to be just as great. Every song on the album is good. Correction: great. And the best thing about this album is that once you play ONE track, you're gonna wanna hear all tracks. The album is an entity. From my two favorites, Say Aha and Lights Out, to the reggae/hip-hop song Shove It (which inspired and is sampled in Jay-Z's Brooklyn (Go Hard) and L.E.S. Artistes, which is probably her best known song. You will love them all. You will.

Santigold also released the mixtape Top Ranking with Diplo. It is hot hot hot, with a lot of remixes from the Santogold album and songs by other artists which are blended with beats from Santogold. The best example of that is the remix of Three 6 Mafia's Late Night Tip (named Late Night (Unstoppable Mix)). It's awesome, completely different from the original although it has the same vocals.

So yeah.. I didn't want to limit myself to an album review when I expect this artist to release GOOD SHIT only. That's why I made it an artist recommendation. Check my girl out!!