zondag 27 juni 2010

Album Review: Soulacious - For The Love Of Music

I heard of American funk-band Soulacious from my buddy Jarrod, singer/rapper and songwriter for the group. To be real honest, I didn't expect too much of it, because there are so many bands releasing EP's nowadays and half of it is trash. But this 6-track EP, named For The Love Of Music, blew me away! It combines genres like funk, rock, hip-hop and chill-out (if that even is a genre), to create a sound that addresses a large audience.

It starts off with the funky titlesong For The Love Of Music, where Jarrod's raps will definitely get you hyped for the rest of the album. And it's no false hope..
The next track, Can't Deceive Me, is my favorite on this EP. It reminds me of Adventures of Stevie V, a 90's project you might know for their smash hit Dirty Cash. Singer Kandii works her voice on this track and the melody and lyrics are very catchy.
Take Care Of U is a great chill-out track, which reminds me of Pete Philly & Perquisite's music (and that's a compliment!). The lyrics are very romantic, you could play this in the background during a romantic dinner with your lover, I'm sure it will get them in the mood for some lovin'..
I'm not crazy about La Di Da Da, it's yet another song about a good girl gone bad, and although it's not a bad song, I've grown tired of those types of songs.
Hope is a very positive, intense song that will make you feel energetic and on top of the world when you listen to it. At about 0:20 Jarrod starts rapping and you can just feel the adrenaline rushing through his (and your!) body.
Perfect Combination is a song you will start liking more after you've heard it a few times. Once again, the word 'funky' best describes the sound on this one. I think this song would sound great live! If only I could fly across the ocean and watch them perform.. *sigh*

Finally, I wanna mention the other band members: Ezra (guitar), Ryan (bass), Dan (keys and synthesizer) and Karl (drums). They are very talented and they give the music its awesome and professional sound.

You can download the EP for free at www.spreadthelovempls.com . Please check it out and let me know what you think (Jarrod is reading!)

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  1. Yes, I am reading and I want to thank you for your honest and great review! I have e-mailed the entire band and will also facebook your link. Once again, I am so appreciative of not only our review, but the reviews you give to all of the artists on your blog. Because of you, I am discovering music and artists I've never heard of! Thanks Cynthia!!!

  2. Hey no problem and thanks for the compliment. I really enjoyed your EP so I meant every word of my review :)
    Thank you Jarrod ;)