vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Artist Recommendation: Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram (or نانسي عجرم) is a popular singer from Lebanon. She makes Arabic pop folk music. A few years ago, I was introduced to her music by a dear friend, he called her the Queen of Arabic music. And.. I agree with him. Over the years I've listened to some other Arabic singers, but Nancy is my favorite. With in the back of my head the information that I'm going on a vacation to Tunisia in a few days, I thought I'd recommend some Arabic music for you all.

My favorite CD by Nancy Ajram is Ah W Noss (if you search for this album, note that it might be spelled differently because it's a translation!). Basically I love every song on that album, from the slow, sad Enta Eih, to the uptempo Taala Ya. These songs make me wanna study Arabic so that I'll be able to understand the lyrics. That is seriously a future goal of mine, studying Arabic. But that aside..
Another great CD is Ya Salam. Yay (Sehr Oyoono) is a beautiful song that you'll probably like from the first time you hear it (if you can appreciate this genre of music). I love Ashkar Aballi (please give this song a chance!), Ahla Jaw, Enta We Bass.. Well basically the entire CD as well..
I must confess I haven't really listened to her other albums as much as these two. I can't help myself, whenever I listen to Nancy I want to hear those songs I already love so I play mostly those. But I also like the song Mashi Haddi from the Betfakar Fi Eih album (again: it might be spelled differently).

Right now I'm checking out Tunisian singer Latifa, and I like what I've heard so far, but it might take me some time to actually be able to give a good review. Other artist recommendations in this genre are (Lebanese singer) Elissa and (Egyptian singer) Amr Diab. Enjoy it. And think of me when I'm in Tunisia by listening to Nancy Ajram!

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  1. This is what hip-hop was built on! You had to know how to move the crowd and be able to "Freestyle" off the top. None of the pre-written stuff. Love it! Thanks for introducing me to new music!