zondag 27 juni 2010

Album Review: Jacki-O - Lil Red Riding Hood

This 2009 album starts off with a skit of Jacki-O talking to someone of 'Bullshit Records' (I think it's actually her own voice, sped up). At first I thought it was really dumb and annoying, until it turned into a Khia diss (Khia is a female rapper who doesn't really get along with other female rappers, she has beef with Jacki-O and Trina). "That's one of our favorite artists! '06, '07, '08, all she did was push out bullshit! Sure, she's one of our favorite artists! I mean, she didn't make us a dime of money, but she kept pushing that bullshit, and here at bullshit records, all we do is push out bullshit!" I'm not gonna say I dislike Khia, because her music is one of my guilty pleasures, but this diss is funny.

First of all, I'd like to say I really hate the song Baby Mama, it sounds annoying and the subject isn't very interesting either. So I don't understand why Jacki used it as a single and I certainly don't understand why it's one of her favorites. Songs like Change Gone Come (which you may already know from The Free Agent Mixtape), on which she sounds like she's about to start crying, and If I Had A Son, which in my opinion has 2Pac written all over it, are so much better.

My Block is a nice song, it sounds laid-back although the things she says about her neighborhood don't paint a very pretty picture. Picture Perfect and Fuk Wit Me are catchy 'gangsta' songs. Both Situations and I Got Yo Boyfriend are about Jacki stealing someone else's man. Situations sounds nice, I Got Yo Boyfriend is a song you'll probably skip after you've heard it twice.
Fuck N***a is a fun track. It starts off with Jacki talking to her man, who treats her like a piece of trash, and she's all like "What are you talking about? I didn't do anything!" and he forces her to bark like a dog, say cock-a-doodle do and miauw like a cat. Then she raises her voice and starts cursing him out for like two minutes, on a beat. But she does it after he hung up the phone, so we don't get to hear his reaction.
Take Me Higher and Turning Headz are the last two songs on the album, and they're okay, but no masterpieces.

Overall, I like this album and I would definitely recommend it, but I must warn you: I think it's not nearly as good as her first album, Poe Little Rich Girl, so don't expect too much of it!

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