dinsdag 29 juni 2010


Hi all,

I'm about to leave for an 8-days vacation to Tunisia (North-Africa), so I won't be blogging for a few days. Don't worry though, when I get back I will get right back to business! ;) I love music too much to not think about it constantly, so I'm sure I'll come up with something good for you guys.
For now, I'm excited about the flight and of course the vacation itself, I wish all of you who also have vacation a real good time as well and I'll be back soon.


maandag 28 juni 2010

EP Review: Miss Tila - Welcome To The Darkside

This will be a short review, because Welcome To The Darkside is only a short EP (3 tracks). I started listening to Tila Tequila's music about 4 years ago, I think. And from the very start, I realised you should never expect too much from her, because she's a genius at promoting herself, but she's not a genius at the stuff she's actually promoting. Get my point? With that being said, I think Welcome To The Darkside is Tila's best musical release to date. She changed her artist name from Tila Tequila to Miss Tila, and she released several songs under that name already (such as I Fucked The DJ, which is pretty much a horrible song), but I'd really tell her to stick to the classy stuff now that she has this classy name.

Her EP contains two covered songs: Blue Dress (originally by Depeche Mode) and Walking On Thin Ice (originally by Yoko Ono). I must admit, I've never heard the original songs, but I think her versions aren't that bad at all. The song Blue Dress impressed me, actually. I think she has been working on her voice, because her singing used to be a lot more "all over the place".
The song Get Me Off is an original Tila song. Its content is very sexual, yet a lot more tasteful than some other songs she's released (such as I Like To Fuck, I Fucked The DJ and Fuck Ya Man), so I give her major props for that. The music is of much better quality as well.
Walking On Thin Ice isn't my favorite, I think it's a nice song but Tila kinda sounds like a little girl doing karaoke. That is NOT a good look.

Overall, I'd say give it a try, I mean it's only 3 songs so it can't be a huge waste of time, right? It might change your opinion about Miss Tila.

zondag 27 juni 2010

Album Review: Soulacious - For The Love Of Music

I heard of American funk-band Soulacious from my buddy Jarrod, singer/rapper and songwriter for the group. To be real honest, I didn't expect too much of it, because there are so many bands releasing EP's nowadays and half of it is trash. But this 6-track EP, named For The Love Of Music, blew me away! It combines genres like funk, rock, hip-hop and chill-out (if that even is a genre), to create a sound that addresses a large audience.

It starts off with the funky titlesong For The Love Of Music, where Jarrod's raps will definitely get you hyped for the rest of the album. And it's no false hope..
The next track, Can't Deceive Me, is my favorite on this EP. It reminds me of Adventures of Stevie V, a 90's project you might know for their smash hit Dirty Cash. Singer Kandii works her voice on this track and the melody and lyrics are very catchy.
Take Care Of U is a great chill-out track, which reminds me of Pete Philly & Perquisite's music (and that's a compliment!). The lyrics are very romantic, you could play this in the background during a romantic dinner with your lover, I'm sure it will get them in the mood for some lovin'..
I'm not crazy about La Di Da Da, it's yet another song about a good girl gone bad, and although it's not a bad song, I've grown tired of those types of songs.
Hope is a very positive, intense song that will make you feel energetic and on top of the world when you listen to it. At about 0:20 Jarrod starts rapping and you can just feel the adrenaline rushing through his (and your!) body.
Perfect Combination is a song you will start liking more after you've heard it a few times. Once again, the word 'funky' best describes the sound on this one. I think this song would sound great live! If only I could fly across the ocean and watch them perform.. *sigh*

Finally, I wanna mention the other band members: Ezra (guitar), Ryan (bass), Dan (keys and synthesizer) and Karl (drums). They are very talented and they give the music its awesome and professional sound.

You can download the EP for free at www.spreadthelovempls.com . Please check it out and let me know what you think (Jarrod is reading!)

Album Review: Jacki-O - Lil Red Riding Hood

This 2009 album starts off with a skit of Jacki-O talking to someone of 'Bullshit Records' (I think it's actually her own voice, sped up). At first I thought it was really dumb and annoying, until it turned into a Khia diss (Khia is a female rapper who doesn't really get along with other female rappers, she has beef with Jacki-O and Trina). "That's one of our favorite artists! '06, '07, '08, all she did was push out bullshit! Sure, she's one of our favorite artists! I mean, she didn't make us a dime of money, but she kept pushing that bullshit, and here at bullshit records, all we do is push out bullshit!" I'm not gonna say I dislike Khia, because her music is one of my guilty pleasures, but this diss is funny.

First of all, I'd like to say I really hate the song Baby Mama, it sounds annoying and the subject isn't very interesting either. So I don't understand why Jacki used it as a single and I certainly don't understand why it's one of her favorites. Songs like Change Gone Come (which you may already know from The Free Agent Mixtape), on which she sounds like she's about to start crying, and If I Had A Son, which in my opinion has 2Pac written all over it, are so much better.

My Block is a nice song, it sounds laid-back although the things she says about her neighborhood don't paint a very pretty picture. Picture Perfect and Fuk Wit Me are catchy 'gangsta' songs. Both Situations and I Got Yo Boyfriend are about Jacki stealing someone else's man. Situations sounds nice, I Got Yo Boyfriend is a song you'll probably skip after you've heard it twice.
Fuck N***a is a fun track. It starts off with Jacki talking to her man, who treats her like a piece of trash, and she's all like "What are you talking about? I didn't do anything!" and he forces her to bark like a dog, say cock-a-doodle do and miauw like a cat. Then she raises her voice and starts cursing him out for like two minutes, on a beat. But she does it after he hung up the phone, so we don't get to hear his reaction.
Take Me Higher and Turning Headz are the last two songs on the album, and they're okay, but no masterpieces.

Overall, I like this album and I would definitely recommend it, but I must warn you: I think it's not nearly as good as her first album, Poe Little Rich Girl, so don't expect too much of it!

Mixtape Review - Jacki-O as Griselda Blanco - La Madrina

Jacki-O used to be one of my favorite female rappers. Her first CD, Poe Little Rich Girl, blew me away and I still play it frequently. Then she became a mixtape rapper, and yes she released another album (Lil Red Riding Hood, which I will review next) but she started out so promising and I don't feel like she became what I expected.

On this mixtape, Jacki has taken on the role of Miami female drug lord Griselda Blanco. As you can expect, that means raw street spittin'. You can hear this in songs such as Strapped Up and Die Tonight. Die Tonight is probably my favorite, it should have been on the first half of the CD!
But, this mixtape is more than just gangsta music. She also has a few hip-pop/easy-to-listen-to songs, like Come Wit Me (I really like this one!), the thug-love anthem Love My Gangsta and Get Away (it's not original, but hey, what hip-hop song IS nowadays?).
Jacki-O had her breakthrough with a tribute to her pussy, known as Nookie (Real Good) (or the uncensored version, Pussy (Real Good)), so it would be strange if she wouldn't talk about that on this tape.. And yes, she has yet another song about how good her pussy is. It's called Pussy Like Dope, and the hook goes "This pussy like dope, similar to coke, not the kind you drink, but the kind you smoke". It's an addictive song, although the quality of the lyrics won't blow you away, but I don't think anyone would expect that from a song about vagina.
Some songs I like a lot less, are Lord Forgive Me (this has been done a thousand times), Paid Dues and Good Day. Some of these songs are just too easy, we call them 'fillers'.
The last track on the tape, a bonustrack, is called Show U How It Go and it features Gucci Mane. And I gotta say, it could have been a hot song, but Gucci Mane is extremely annoying (yyyyeaaahhh!) and I really can't understand why people still record songs with him. So the tape could have done without this bonustrack, but at least it brings a "big name" to the mixtape.

I wouldn't really recommend this mixtape to be honest, Jacki-O has released better stuff. But if you're interested, look up the mixtape trailer on YouTube and see if it gets you in the mood (it's funny!). And don't forget to check out my review of Lil Red Riding Hood, which, I can predict, will be a lot more positive.

zaterdag 26 juni 2010

Album Review: Bomfunk MC's - In Stereo

This album review is very special to me, because in my youth it was my favorite album of all times. And not just because it's easy to listen to, but also because it inspired me and the music touched me. I was just discovering my hip-hop side but at the same time I was too young to appreciate the real RAW stuff, so the Bomfunk MC's were perfect. Their style can best be described as electronic hip-hop music.

The Bomfunk MC's are a two-man group from Finland. They've released three CD's: In Stereo, Reversed Psychology and Burnin' Sneakers. I must admit I never really listened to the other two albums, I felt like they could NEVER compete with In Stereo.
Most of you probably know the song Freestyler, because it was a huge hit. It is still played on music channels regularly. For some reason, people tagged the music as 'dance', but all the songs contained 'rap' and they had titles such as Other Emcee's, B-Boys & Fly Girls, Uprockin' Beats and Freestyler (these are all hip-hop terms!). Well, you can dance to most of the album, so I guess it's understandable.. The album was promoted with videoclips for (in chronological order) Uprocking Beats, B-Boys & Fly Girls and Freestyler. But none of these is my favorite song off the album. My favorite is Sky's The Limit. As a kid I didn't really understand the lyrics to the song, but it sounded emotional to me and I thought it was beautiful. So I recommend you listen to that one first!

There are also the party songs like Rocking, Just To Make Ya Move and In Stereo. And you gotta love 1,2,3,4. Oh what am I saying, every song is hot. When I was younger, I was always shocked by the song Rock, Rocking Tha Spot because you can hear a girl saying 'Fuck me!' LOL. But it's a hot song. Andddd... Spoken Word, which is kinda like the outro.. It starts off so scary, seriously that song gave me the creeps, especially at the part when the phone rings.. But then rapper Raymond 'B.O.Dubb' Ebanks starts freestyling and gives the album a great ending.

All in all, you should not listen to this album if you like quality raps. But if you like hip-hop that's easy to listen to, hip-hop you can play at a party without people rolling their eyes, then this is the shit you need to check out.

vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Artist Recommendation: Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram (or نانسي عجرم) is a popular singer from Lebanon. She makes Arabic pop folk music. A few years ago, I was introduced to her music by a dear friend, he called her the Queen of Arabic music. And.. I agree with him. Over the years I've listened to some other Arabic singers, but Nancy is my favorite. With in the back of my head the information that I'm going on a vacation to Tunisia in a few days, I thought I'd recommend some Arabic music for you all.

My favorite CD by Nancy Ajram is Ah W Noss (if you search for this album, note that it might be spelled differently because it's a translation!). Basically I love every song on that album, from the slow, sad Enta Eih, to the uptempo Taala Ya. These songs make me wanna study Arabic so that I'll be able to understand the lyrics. That is seriously a future goal of mine, studying Arabic. But that aside..
Another great CD is Ya Salam. Yay (Sehr Oyoono) is a beautiful song that you'll probably like from the first time you hear it (if you can appreciate this genre of music). I love Ashkar Aballi (please give this song a chance!), Ahla Jaw, Enta We Bass.. Well basically the entire CD as well..
I must confess I haven't really listened to her other albums as much as these two. I can't help myself, whenever I listen to Nancy I want to hear those songs I already love so I play mostly those. But I also like the song Mashi Haddi from the Betfakar Fi Eih album (again: it might be spelled differently).

Right now I'm checking out Tunisian singer Latifa, and I like what I've heard so far, but it might take me some time to actually be able to give a good review. Other artist recommendations in this genre are (Lebanese singer) Elissa and (Egyptian singer) Amr Diab. Enjoy it. And think of me when I'm in Tunisia by listening to Nancy Ajram!

woensdag 23 juni 2010

Concert Review: Tegan and Sara (22/06/2010)

Yesterday I got the chance to see Tegan and Sara, one of my favorite bands, perform in Antwerp (Belgium). It was an evening filled with impressions, and I'm going to try my best to share all of them with you. First of all, the concert took place in an open air theatre (Openluchttheater, also the name of the venue). It was a beautiful environment for a concert, and refreshing to watch a concert in full daylight.

The concert was topped off by singer Hesta Prynn, you might know her as a member of girl-group Northern State. Hesta is about to release a new EP named Can We Go Wrong? (I believe on July 6th), and the songs she performed were all from that EP for as far as I know. I must say, at the beginning I wasn't feeling it at all. She seemed to have a little party on the stage, while the crowd was like: umm, okay.. But she managed to convince the crowd, and her last few songs were all rockin'. I didn't buy her EP to be honest, but I will give it a listen after the release and maybe buy it later.

Then... the moment we'd all been waiting for. Tegan and Sara got on stage. Everyone was excited, the crowd cheered at the start of every song. Oh, a small sidenote, as for the crowd: I've never been around so many lesbians in my whole life. And guess what? I loved it. There was so much love, there were so many cute couples and I know there were a lot of girls who could be themselves where usually being themselves raises disapproval. Yes, we STILL live in a homophobic society. But all of that aside, I enjoyed the crowd almost as much as I enjoyed the concert. Here is a picture of Tegan and Sara and the crowd at the beginning of the concert, when the sun was still shining:

Unfortunately I forgot my own camera, so these were made with my boyfriend's phone.

The girls started off with a few new songs from the Sainthood album (like Alligator, Hell and On Directing), then some oldies (like The Con, Hop A Plane, So Jealous and Walking With A Ghost), then some more new songs and finally an encore. I noticed a few things that are definitely worth mentioning. First of all: in my opinion, Tegan's voice is better than Sara's. Sara sounds a bit like she's got a cold, I think. But I must admit I sometimes preferred Sara's songs (the songs where most vocals were done by Sara) over Tegan's. Well, in the end I love both of them equally I think. They are both hilarious by the way! Sara talked about dating people who speak multiple languages, and she just kept going on about it, until the whole crowd was laughing. Tegan said she had noticed a lot of people making out to their music. She encouraged people to make out during Where Does The Good Go, and afterwards she told us she had noticed that people took her advice. Before playing Don't Rush, Tegan told us to act like we had just won a billion dollars during Johnny's (the drummer) part, because his family is from Belgium and we had to make them proud of him. So we cheered our asses off. I really loved how both women made an effort to connect with their fans, it definitely made the concert extra good, because it's no fun to watch an artist perform a routine without speaking to the crowd.

After many, many great songs, they announced their last song. But, as could be expected, they returned to the stage for an encore. A SICK encore, consisting of FIVE songs. The first one was the song I had been waiting for the entire time (not because it's my favorite, but because a Tegan and Sara show isn't complete without it): Back In Your Head. They played a slower version than the CD-version (they said they were gonna use it to put all the little Flemish babies to sleep), but it actually sounded pretty good. After that, they played Feel It In My Bones. The original song is a collaboration with Tiësto (yes, the Dutch DJ!) which can be found on the album Kaleidoscope, but they played an acoustic version of the song. I never really listened much to the Tiësto version, but I loved this version! I think this song sounded the best live out of all the songs they played. Ok, then, Nineteen. A lovely song, it reminds me of a boy I met on the internet. I felt him in my legs, before I even met him... That boy's name is Bart and he's now my boyfriend :) Then, Call It Off... This song is so beautiful, I must admit it brought tears to my eyes. And I need a moment like that during every concert; if I didn't almost cry, the concert wasn't successful. The last song they played was a happy one, named Living Room. A great way to end a great concert.

I love Tegan and Sara more than ever after this concert. I hope all of you T&S fans agree, they are awesome and adorable!

vrijdag 18 juni 2010

Discussion: Lady GaGa

Hi everybody. This blog is one that will hopefully raise some discussion. I'd like to ask for your opinions about Lady GaGa.. She's a superstar, according to Last FM the most listened to artist at this moment..

My opinion is: yes her music is great for parties.. But lacks depth, her lyrics are very superficial. And it's not like she invented a new style of music, she just managed to combine pop and dance music in a way that makes the music right for clubs but at the same time creates the classic "pop-idol" image.. It has been done before (read: Madonna). Oh and her style has been done before as well (again, read Madonna.. if you don't agree then please Google Lady GaGa's Time Magazine cover and you'll see my point). And let's not forget about the Christina Aguilera / Gwen Stefani swagger-jacking.

But okay, all of that aside, because I really like GaGa's music.. What do we think, is GaGa the future? Will she be the Queen of Pop in a few years and will she still be popular in 20 years? That is the big question and I'd like to know your opinions about it. Oh and.. what's your favorite GaGa song? :) Mine is Fashion, which has also been recorded by Heidi Montag (the girl Tila Tequila is always bashing because of her plastic surgery).

donderdag 17 juni 2010

Festivals and concerts I will be attending this summer

This blog is first of all a recommendation of some great concerts that are coming up. If you guys like some of the same music I like, you might wanna check these out, or at least check out the music so that my (future) reviews of the concerts will be useful to you in deciding whether you want to see these artists perform live as well.

June 22th: Tegan and Sara, at Deurne (Belgium). These women need their own blog, and I promise I will give them that, but let me just tell you a few things about them already. Tegan and Sara are twins from Canada. They are both lesbians, although they rarely sing about that in their music (in fact, I never heard them mention it at all). They play guitar and sing, and write their own lyrics. Their new CD, Sainthood, is great, I love every song on it. The Con is also a wonderful album, sounds less electronic in my opinion, so check that out as well!
July 17th: Hiphop in DukeTown ('s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands). I think it's the first time this festival will take place, and I'm very excited about it because it reminds me of Boogiedown Breda. Difference is that it doesn't have any American artists, but it does have some outstanding artists like Typhoon & New Cool Collective, The Opposites, NoizBoiz (I'm going to wear my NoizBoiz t-shirt, lol), Hef, Kleine Jay & Cartes, Fresku and Önder & FS Green. To be honest, the NoizBoiz are not good as rappers, but they make nice 'grime' music. And The Opposites are mainly cool because they're successful. What else is there to say? I'm very excited about this festival.
August 15th: Vienna Teng at Würselen (Germany). I've seen Vienna Teng perform twice last year, and both times I loved every second of it. She is an amazing artist, one of my favorites of all times. She plays the piano, sings and writes her own songs. Oh and her real name is Cynthia, just like mine! So I gotta love her ;) Check out her first album Waking Hour, it is beautiful, a true masterpiece. I will probably review that album later, it deserves a place in the spotlights...

I just love my boyfriend. And he must really love me too, since he's going to take me to all of these concerts!

Concert Review: Boogiedown Breda 2010 (05/06/2010)

Crowd & Church

Two weeks ago, I visited Dutch hip-hop festival Boogiedown Breda. The festival was started in 2008, and yes I've visited all three editions so far. That means I've been so blessed to see Masta Ace perform twice. This year, he was going to perform with rapper Edo G. (formerly known as Ed O.G.) with whom he has recorded the album Arts & Entertainment, but unfortunately Edo had passport-problems and couldn't make it. Buuuut, as he's supposed to, Masta Ace saved the day. You may expect this from a hip-hop legend, but I've seen rappers who've been in the game for over 10 years disappoint at that very same festival (*cough* Extince *cough*). Ace and I shook hands two years ago, when he performed with his group eMC (known for their album The Show). I have nothing but love for this man, if you want to know why - check out his music. For those who aren't used to oldschool hip-hop, check out the last two albums Disposable Arts and A Long Hot Summer. They are kind to the ear. :)


There is one thing that concerned me about this day in Breda. Why was the performance by Dutch teenage rapper Fotosynthese the most energetic and impressive performance of the entire day? Ok, ok, I wasn't there the whole time (I missed out on Camp Lo and the artists before Fotosynthese), but from what I saw, Fotosynthese embarrassed all the "legends" and "kings of hip-hop" who were there that day. Might be because he's from Breda and his fanbase was there in its totality, but it might also be because he's fresh and down-to-earth.


I also want to say something about Fresku. I love his style, his political, anti-racist raps. My favorite Dutch rapper is Manu, a rapper who (in my opinion) should get major credit for excelling in this same style of rap. Now although I respect Fresku big time, I think he should watch Manu perform live and learn from it. I've seen Manu perform about 4 or 5 times, I talked to him and took a picture with him, and he always leaves me gasping for air. Not because he's a pretty boy, but because of his PASSION! He breathes, eats, sleeps and shits his beliefs. You can never see Manu as a rapper, he's automatically a political rapper. Fresku, however, made the crowd go wild with a song called Kutkop (Sukkols) (which can be loosely translated to Fuckface (Losers)). Why did his songs We Hebben Je Nodig (We Need You) and Mama Ik Snap Je (Mama I Understand You) get little to no response? Because you either have to present them with FIRE in your soul or not present them at all. It's too easy to let the success of your performance depend on the songs everyone knows (Kees and Twijfel). A real performer can sell a song that doesn't even have a trace of 'commercial' in it.

Masta Ace

I will not discuss any other artists that performed that day. I will say, however, that I loved the positive vibe at the festival and the concept is great. It's a free hip-hop festival that unites hip-hop from the Netherlands (mainly Brabant) and American hip-hop. Great. Just one thing: there were several people who stood in the crowd with a little child on their shoulders. I saw someone showing off his NAKED babydaughter to the crowd, this child was crying.. And I saw a father smoking weed in front of his kid. This disgusts me and I think police should have been present to give these people a good ass-whooping.

Artist Recommendation: Ana Nikolić

I have a confession to make. A few months ago I fell in love with a woman, a Serbian beauty by the name of Ana Nikolić. I was trying to be all international by visiting foreign blog-sites, and there I saw the most beautiful face I had ever seen on an album cover. But the CD seemed so "pop" (I wasn't in a pop-mood that day), that I pressed backspace and continued my search for music. However, I couldn't get Ana's face out of my memory. So finally I gave in to my cravings and I checked out the album. It turned out to be a "greatest hits" album by the name of Platinum Collection (2008). So yeah, I gave it a listen. And I fell in love with her. It was no longer solely physical attraction.

Ana is a star in Serbia, she competed to represent Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest TWICE (in 2006 and 2009) with the songs Romale, Romali and Bili Smo Najlepši. In both cases she should have been selected and SHE SHOULD HAVE WON because her songs are PERFECT for the Eurovision Song Contest. Instead, the host of the semi-final said "Not Ana", before announcing the actual winner.
I recommend all of you to go to her website http://www.ananikolic.eu/ (for the English version you simply press Enter when you reach the website), because you can download 4 of her songs FOR FREE! Bili Smo Najlepši is my favorite and it's not on the Platinum Collection album so I think internet is the only way to get it. Listen to it, you'll have to admit it has Eurovision written all over it.
Other songs I recommend, are Ekstaza, Solo Ti, Solo Ja and the title songs of both of her albums (Januar and Devojka od Čokolade).

Now, I should post the album cover I fell in love with, but I'm afraid I'll get sued for copyright infringement so you'll have to Google it.

Finally, I have a request for you guys.. If you can find a way to buy or download her albums Januar and Devojka od Čokolade - let me know. Because to my great shame, I must say I haven't heard those albums yet, just the songs that are on her Platinum Collection album.

Enjoy my beautiful Serbian goddess and please let me know if you liked the free songs!

Album Review: Nellie McKay - Get Away From Me

I understand why singer-songwriter Nellie McKay named her debut-album 'Get Away From Me'. She defines the word 'bitch', as is shown in songs such as It's A Pose and Sari. Or maybe she just knows what's wrong with this world and she isn't afraid to say it out loud.

Get Away From Me is a double-disc album with a total of 18 songs, released in 2004. It contains a little touch of jazz, some rock, a bit of pop and even a few rap-songs. Her lyrics are humorous and sarcastic, which turns out to be an ingenious way to discuss touchy subjects (listen to Inner Peace and Respectable). It seems like Nellie uses her music to fight for equality of rich and poor, male and female. Let's just say my political views match hers. I love this line in Respectable: "You've got your uppercrust dinner tux sanctimony, but you won't have nothing you'll see". And Inner Peace is a masterpiece, with lines like "Don't wanna think about the schools in Bosnia, don't wanna think about food in Somalia, I don't need this, I don't see this, all I want is inner peace".

But, like almost all musicians, Nellie also sings about love. For example, the song Baby Watch Your Back gives off a strong stalker vibe, while I Wanna Get Married introduces a side of Nellie that you wouldn't expect after hearing her feminist-flavored song It's A Pose, with lyrics such as "I just want to bake a sugar cake for you to take to work in the morn, and I'll stay home cleaning the dishes, and keeping your wishes all warm, I wanna get married, that's why I was born." I've heard she's actually serious about this song, it's not meant as a parody on married live. Reminds me of Destiny's Child's "Cater 2 U".

I must hand it to miss McKay, she can spit! She raps on both Sari and Work Song, and she actually does pretty well. If you like those songs, you should definitely listen to Mama & Me from her second album (Pretty Little Head, 2006) - makes her sound like the female Eminem!

The song Ding Dong is about suicide, though you definitely couldn't tell if you'd just listen to the melody. Interesting lyrics that made me think are "My cat died and I quickly poored myself some Gin. Did she die from old age or was it for my sins?"
Uhh yeah, and there's also a song about dogs. I must be honest, I suspect the song is not seriously about how life is all about making your dog proud of you, but I have no clue what else it could be about.

Finally, here is the tracklisting. Please give the CD a spin because it's worth it. I'm still trying to get into her other CD's (they are more difficult to listen to), but as soon as I've analysed them thoroughly I'm sure I will review them as well.

Disc 1
1. David
2. Manhattan Avenue
3. Sari
4. Ding Dong
5. Baby Watch Your Back
6. Dog Song
7. Waiter
8. I Wanna Get Married
9. Change the World

Disc 2
1. It's a Pose
2. Toto Dies
3. Won't U Please B Nice
4. Inner Peace
5. Suitcase Song
6. Work Song
7. Clonie
8. Respectable
9. Really

For more information on the amazing Nellie McKay, you can visit her official website at http://nelliemckay.com/


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Hello my dear friends,

Welcome to my music blog! I've finally taken the step to start a blog, because I think my knowledge of music should not go to waste, I should share it with the world.
I will review albums, both new and old (because old albums are still new to the people who haven't heard them yet!) and I will recommend music and artists.
As for genres, I have a very broad taste in music - from Tori Amos to Three 6 Mafia and from arabic music to techno. Oh yes, and I love both the piano and the violin very much, which you will soon find out.

For everyone out of non-English speaking countries: please don't let the English blogs scare you away! My musical taste is international, and besides, you do not need to understand the language to understand my recommendations! ;)

Advice on how to improve my blog is always welcome.
But for now... just enjoy it!