vrijdag 18 juni 2010

Discussion: Lady GaGa

Hi everybody. This blog is one that will hopefully raise some discussion. I'd like to ask for your opinions about Lady GaGa.. She's a superstar, according to Last FM the most listened to artist at this moment..

My opinion is: yes her music is great for parties.. But lacks depth, her lyrics are very superficial. And it's not like she invented a new style of music, she just managed to combine pop and dance music in a way that makes the music right for clubs but at the same time creates the classic "pop-idol" image.. It has been done before (read: Madonna). Oh and her style has been done before as well (again, read Madonna.. if you don't agree then please Google Lady GaGa's Time Magazine cover and you'll see my point). And let's not forget about the Christina Aguilera / Gwen Stefani swagger-jacking.

But okay, all of that aside, because I really like GaGa's music.. What do we think, is GaGa the future? Will she be the Queen of Pop in a few years and will she still be popular in 20 years? That is the big question and I'd like to know your opinions about it. Oh and.. what's your favorite GaGa song? :) Mine is Fashion, which has also been recorded by Heidi Montag (the girl Tila Tequila is always bashing because of her plastic surgery).

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Nee Lady GaGa heeft geen nieuwe stijl muziek, maar binnen de bestaan muziek genre's heeft ze wel goede muziek gemaakt!
    Haar muziek is goed, maar ze zal niet over 20 jaar nog steeds net zo populair zijn als nu, dan zullen er al lang weer andere artiesten zijn die haar overtreffen, zowel op het gebied van muziek als op het gebied van kledingstijl.
    Favo nummer? dat heb ik niet echt, het meerendeel van haar nummers is gewoon goed!

  2. De klasse van Lady GaGa is om bijna vergeten muziekstijlen, zoals synth-pop uit de jaren '80 en regea-pop zoals Ace of Base uit begin jaren '90, opnieuw te introduceren en haar eigen draai aan te geven. Natuurlijk is Lady GaGa geïnspireerd door Queen of Pop Madonna en David Bowie, maar daar maakt ze ook geen geheim van. Ik ben in ieder geval fan. Ik hou wel van die foute popmuziek met nog foutere, bijbehorende shock-videoclips. Lady GaGa is in ieder geval een betere zangeres dan Madonna, en weet zich zo ontzettend lelijk te kleden dat het weer kunst wordt. Ik denk dat we nog veel van haar gaan horen, mits ze zich ook constant opnieuw kan uitvinden als Madonna.

    Ik vind "I like it rough" één van haar beste nummers. Tekst is kut, net zoals bij haar andere nummers, maar is het gewoon een lekker nummer ;)

  3. Well, let me just start by saying Lady Gaga seems very smart, she knows how to get alot of attention, she knows how to get to a second album without losing any of that attention while actually still groing. I'd say her outfits are outragous but then again this is what alot of fashion designers have been trying to sell for years, so really it isn't shocking.

    The comparison to Madonna seems obvious, because Madonna is a very big icon in the industry and indeed had so many styles and was so "outside the box" that she seems biggest in that. I'd say there is no way for Gaga to get to Madonna's status at any point, because you can't compare the two. It's the same as comparing a '69 Rolls Royce to a '99 Mercedes (or whatever). Sure they are both cars with four doors and a twelve cylinder, but from a different time, with different styles and different enviroment (or public). I think it's not relevant to compare the two.

    Lady Gaga herself has a good voice, not like Christina, but still good. Her lyrics might seem stupid or weird, but that's totally besides the point. Actually, maybe that is the point: to be able to outsell the rest of the industry with alot of nonsence put together. And guess what, the mayor audience doesn't care about lyrics, they care about the sound. They like the rediculous outfits and videos. And I'd also think she uses alot of drugs... it's all fashionable right now and it puts her in the picture in a way that in ten years from now, she might just be at the same point which she's at right now: The Top.

    My favorite tracks by Gaga? Monster, So happy I could die and the official remix to the track Eh, Eh (nothing else I can say) which can be found on iTunes. And yes, I have doubts about her staying in the picture as long as Madonna! (26 years has it been, since she really rose to fame??).