maandag 26 juli 2010

Discussion: Rihanna

Hi! I wanted to write a blog about Rihanna, but I honestly don't know her music as well as some of the other music I've written about. However, I do have an opinion about her. She's R&B's "it-girl" right now, everyone knows her, and the thing I keep wondering, is: WHY? How the hell did she get this big? I think I understand, 'cuz her songs are all catchy with great production, but I don't see why Jay-Z signed her and let her sing this music. He chose her over Teairra Mari, that's where it went upwards for Rihanna and downhill for Teairra Mari. Pon De Replay sounded very addictive, but it wasn't good enough to reach eternal stardom. Same for If It's Lovin' That You Want. Then there were songs like S.O.S. (which was dope, I'll admit that) and Unfaithful (which should have been a Beyonce song, she would blow Rihanna away) and later on Umbrella, Don't Stop The Music and Disturbia. I love all of these songs, I understand why they were hits. But there are also a lot of songs I never understood, such as Live Your Life (the song with T.I.), Rehab, Shut Up And Drive (main problem with this is that it sounds like a pop-song only teenage girls should listen to), Take A Bow, Hate That I Love You, We Ride.. And many more.. I don't understand why they became hits.. Now she has Te Amo, my boyfriend introduced me to the song (he likes Rihanna a lot) and this is another song I love by Rihanna.

Fuck. As I'm writing this blog, I'm starting to finally understand why Rihanna is so popular. She has some real catchy songs that even I listen to, my hate for top-40 music can't even keep me from doing that. My opinion is that Rihanna is dope as long as she sings fun songs and an occasional slow song can also work but only if she doesn't try to get too vocal.. Because her voice really isn't very good... Please give songs like Unfaithful to Beyonce from now on, and I'm serious about that because Beyonce does these songs very well (if you don't know, check the slow songs on I Am... Sasha Fierce).

My question for you guys: what do you think about Rihanna, what is your favorite Rihanna song and what Rihanna song do you dislike the most?

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  1. Om te beginnen ben ik geen Rihanna-liefhebber. Het is me allemaal te gelikt (lees: nep) en vind het jammer dat ze af en toe dient als refrein-doos om maar een feature te krijgen bij bepaalde rappers (ik vind haar zelfs niks toevoegen aan dat nummer met Eminem, hoewel Eminem bij mij niet veel fout kan doen ;)). Haar beste nummer vind ik toch wel "Disturbia". Een lekkere dance-plaat met weirdo clip. Ook het potterige (;)) "Te amo" vind ik best te verhappen. De kutste plaat van haar vind ik toch wel "Live your life" samen met non-rapper T.I. Is mij iets te makkelijk scoren met zo'n lalalayeahyeahpompedomp-refrein :P