donderdag 15 juli 2010

Album Review: Typhoon & New Cool Collective - Chocolade EP

Typhoon is a successful Dutch rapper who is known to fight for freedom and rights for everyone. Last year, he was ambassador of freedom on the 5th of May (which is the day the Netherlands celebrate their freedom and liberation from the second world war). He had only released one album, Tussen Licht En Lucht, which did very well in the Dutch hip-hop scene. I'd recommend it to everyone, he might speak Dutch but the beats and hooks on some songs are addictive even if you don't understand the words. And if you listen to the song Bumaye (from the Made In Da Shade 'Kings' soundtrack), you'll love the strong summer vibe.

But now I want to review the 7-track Chocolade EP, on which Typhoon collaborated with jazz artists New Cool Collective. Most of the songs are 'old' Typhoon material, re-recorded on music that is much more jazz than hip-hop. On the title track, Chocolade, the members of Typhoon's group Fakkelbrigade make an appearance. As can be expected, the lyrics here are filled with worldplay.
My personal favorite is (of course) Bumaye, although I actually like Typhoon's solo version of this song more. The song is very positive, with lines like "Niets is te heet voor deze vorst, geen blaren op mijn hand, ik volg liever m'n hart dan m'n verstand. Allemaal koningen, diep van binnen, ik groet al mijn koningen en koninginnen" (which I'm not going to translate, I'm sorry). Other nice songs are Licht Uit and Brand Los. Brand Los, just like Naamval and 3Luik, was recorded live, you can hear the audience cheering in the background. The songs are in good quality, so it doesn't really bother me. Naamval would be great to see live, if you close your eyes you can just see those musicians working their instruments... A song I don't like is A De Na Noso in which Typhoon talks about his relationship with his mother. I personally feel that this EP is too short to add a song like that. But I'm not going to lie, the New Cool Collective part at the end of the song makes up for Typhoon's little monologue, because it sounds great.

This EP is experimental, I think this collaboration between a rapper and a jazz band is pretty unique for a Dutch artist, but overall I think they've done a good job. Honestly? I think if you want to enjoy this music to the fullest, you'll have to see them perform live. I'm going to do exactly that, this Saturday at the Hip Hop In Duketown festival in Den Bosch. I recommend all of you to join me :) Typhoon is a great artist, his live shows are even better than his recorded music in my opinion. If this is the first time you're going to listen to his music, I recommend you first listen to Tussen Licht En Lucht, and if you like that you should try this Chocolade EP.

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