woensdag 21 juli 2010

Artist Recommendation: Gillette (+20 Fingers)

Some of you probably already know Gillette, although you probably don't know you know her.. Google the song Short Dick Man (or censored version Short Short Man) by 20 Fingers featuring Gillette. It's a fun song, but very explicit. Gillette is the singer, 20 Fingers are the producers. I would like to recommend you listen to 20 Fingers if you like pop/dance music, but this blog is dedicated to Gillette.

Gillette has released two albums: On The Attack And More (actually I tagged it as a 20 Fingers album because there is also a song with another singer: Lick It with vocals by Roula) and Shake Your Money Maker. And she has a very catchy song named Sex Tonight. She definitely doesn't leave anything to the imagination, that's for sure...

On Shake Your Money Maker she raps and sings on electronic music that was probably also produced by 20 Fingers (it sounds a lot like other 20 Fingers music). Some great songs are 2 Minute Brother, Do Fries Go With That Shake, Weekend and Shake Your Money Maker. And I really love the singing part (the hook) on Georgie Porgie.
Most songs are about... SEX! Big surprise. But I like fun sex songs that are mostly straightforward about the singer's sexual needs instead of pornographic descriptions of every action.. Gillette gives me that to a tee.

On The Attack And More contains my favorite "i-hate-people" song, Mr. Personality. It has lines such as: "They call you Mr. Personality because you're so ugly!" and "You're so ugly, I heard that when you were born the doctor slapped yo momma... Oohhooh man that's ugly!". This song is hilarious, I swear everyone should listen to it and be able to play it out loud without thinking it's about them.. If you can't enjoy this song you have major self-esteem problems. lol. (If you like it, also check out the remix (named Mr. Personality (Ugly Mr. Personality Remix), appears on L'Album by 20 Fingers).
Ok, now that I've already written down some Gillette lyrics, I will add a few more.. From the song Short Dick Man.. "That has got to be the smallest dick I have ever seen in my whole life.. Get the fuck out of here!" and "Isn't that cute, an extra belly button! You need to put your pants back on honey."
This album is more humorous than Shake Your Money Maker. On The Attack sounds like an angry song, Pay Back has a funny story to it and Move Too Fast sounds great but it's once again about bad sex ("It's your first time, isn't it?"). Well, I fell in love with Gillette when I heard this album, so I guess it's still pretty dope.

So if you like fun music, explicit lyrics but in a humorous way, you like a bit of dance, pop or hip-hop, check out my girl Gillette. You'll be singing along to the crazy lyrics.

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