vrijdag 10 september 2010

Artist Recommendation: So Solid Crew

Hi all. I've found a (mainly) male group to recommend here! Their name is So Solid Crew, their most famous member (I think) is -ironically- a woman (Lisa Maffia) and they're from the UK. Their music is garage/electronic/hip-hop or whatever you wanna name it. And oh yeah, they're dope!

Let me first warn you: if you don't like raw hip-hop music (because it's raw, even with those electronic beats), you should not listen to their music. It'll only make you think I don't make good recommendations, but I make good recommendations as long as they're read by the right people, lol.
I won't talk about the individual members, but the whole So Solid Crew.

I would first recommend their album They Don't Know. It contains my very favorite So Solid song: Envy (They Don't Know Vocal Remix) which features Ms. Dynamite. And yes, you know that name. Put Him Out, It Takes More and Dy-Na-Mi-Tee were all hits by this artist, and all of them were R&B. So it's very interesting to hear her rap on this So Solid Crew song. She actually does it better than the other rappers on this song, which is why a few years ago I was hoping she would release a rap-album.
Other hot songs from this album are: Haters, If It Was Me, In My Life, Oh No (Sentimental Things) (Remix), Rave Scene and 21 Seconds. That's a lot of hot songs, right? I haven't gotten into the other songs yet, I've listened to them but I think they have to grow on me.

Now, for their second album, 2nd Verse, I like it a lot less but there are still some nice songs on it. Bou Bas (Remix) is very addictive, Money Maker is dope and No Love and So Grimey are nice. I really don't like Thug Anthem, the lyrics are so bad that I first thought the song was a parody on people who call themselves 'thugs'. No Love and Thug Anthem are like opposites of each other, which doesn't make sense.

Then finally I have the Fuck It remix album. I like that one. It not only contains hot So Solid Crew songs, but also remixes of hit songs such as Beverly Knight's "Get Up", Daniel Bedingfield's "Gotta Get Thru This" and Mis-Teeq's "One Night Stand". You're not guaranteed to like it if you like these songs, but you could give it a try.

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