donderdag 30 september 2010

Artist Recommendation: Paradisio

And now for something completely different... A genre named dance-music. Music from the 90's. Belgian group Paradisio produces exclusively Spanish songs that sound like summer. Happy, warm, relaxed... You may know this group for their song Bailando which was a big hit all over the world and which has been covered by several artists. For most people, that's where their knowledge of Paradisio stops. But their first album (also named Paradisio) was HOT from beginning to end. So I advise you all to check that out. Especially the songs Bandolero, Sentimental and Vamos A La Discoteca (which sounds a lot like their previously released song Un Clima Ideal, which has a different background melody but the same lyrics) are very nice.

After their self-titled album, they only released one more (remix) album. But they never stopped making music. They released, for example, the (all three awesome) songs Samba Del Diablo, Luz De La Luna and a new version of Bailando (sung by the group's new frontwoman), named Bailando (Me Dices Adios). It may still be Bailando, but it sounds very different and addictive. Another song they released is La Propaganda, which is not my favorite because it sounds different from their other music, but it's still nice.

I can't really describe their music as deep, genius and original, but I don't have to because it's addictive and happy music, you need that music as well because it gets you in a good mood :) Sooo, check it out! :-)

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